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Founded in 2009, GroundTruth is a leading global location-based marketing and ad technology company.

GroundTruth needed a presentation solution to control its sales story. Enhanced visualizations were needed to better educate prospective clients.

Before Nuvue
After  Nuvue

Our sales team is armed with a sales story that sells itself and platform to deliver it with consistency.

Dan Silver
Senior VP Marketing | GroundTruth

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Cartessa Aesthetics

Founded in 2017, Cartessa Aesthetics is the fastest-growing independent agent of laser aesthetics devices in the United States.

Cartessa Aesthetics needed to control their sales story, visually enhance their presentation identity, and minimize time-consuming, and costly in-office product demos.

Before Nuvue
After  Nuvue

We've achieved a level of quality and brand consistency that enables us to standout amongst our competition.

Jill Later
CMO | Cartessa Aesthetics

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Genomic Life

Founded in 2017, Genomic Life is on a mission to create a new ecosystem that embraces genomics to improve health, longevity accessibility for all.

Fresh off a company rebrand, Genomic Life was looking for a presentation management solution that allowed them to control their brand identity, while providing their remote sales team the ability to create, share and track company-approved presentations in seconds.

Before Nuvue
After  Nuvue

Not only does our sales story look beautiful, I know with confidence it's being presented with accuracy.

Kimberly Scott
SVP Marketing | Genomic Life

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