Nuvue’s Dashboard gives its users quick access to their most recently created and shared presentations, along with time-based performance insights.

See how your presentation are performing over time.
Gain insights into your most recently shared presentations.
Quickly access your most recently created presentations.

Nuvue’s Bookmarks allow users to quickly find and organize their favorite presentations. Nuvue’s Preset functionality allows executive leadership to provide their teams with easily accessible pre-approved presentations.

Executive Leadership can assign preset presentation groups based on audience type or vertical.
Nuvue users can quickly and easily find their most recent and favorite presentations.

Nuvue’s Content Library is the heart of our platform. Your content awaits organized & secure in a customizable folder structure that makes finding the right asset a breeze. A simple drag and drop from the Media Library and Drop into the Composer is all it takes to create a company-approved presentation.

Nuvue’s Content Library allows you to organize your brand’s sales story.
Users can easily grab content from the Nuvue’s Content Library and compile a company-approved presentation in seconds.

Say goodbye to heavy PPT attachments. With Nuvue, you can email personalized presentation portals straight from the platform, delivered in style on all devices.

Viewers will have multiple presentation viewing options and accessed to shared documents.
All Nuvue Portals are 100% responsive across all devices.

Nuvue’s analytics platform puts the power of data in your hands. Providing rich insights that make your follow-up sales meetings more meaningful.

See who’s viewing your presentations, and for how long.
See what section of your presentation is besting viewed the most.
See which slides are performing.
See which documents are being viewed and downloaded

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