How do we analyze your sales story? It’s simple. We ask the right questions.

What tools are you team currently using to present?

We want an get an understanding of how your team is organizing and distributing your sales assets and presentations. From our experience, many organizations rely on several cloud-based management tools which can lead to “Presentation Dilution”.

Do you have control over your sales story?

Is everyone on your team singing the same sales tune? We’ll review your sales presentations across multiple departments and sellers to assess if there is consistency in your messaging and brand identity.

Is there one centralized design source for your design?

We want to know how your presentations are being created. Do you have an internal dedicated design resource, or are you relying on your sales team to create your brand presentations?

What sets you apart from your competition?

Together will do a competitive analysis. We want to understand how your competition is presenting its product and services and discuss what’s needed to make your value resonate with prospective clients.

Do you need enhanced visuals to help illustrate your offering?

We’ll ask you to give us a demo of your products and services. We want to assess the visuals your team is using to sell your products and services and determine if there’s a more effective visual method.

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